Melissa Rooney Blogging

Melissa Rooney Blogging

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*Eddie Moves Out*, Picture-Book Sequel to *Eddie the Electron*

Just got a sampling of the illustrations for the sequel to Eddie the Electron (Eddie Moves Out), with a tentative release date of June, 2017. Check ’em out below. I love the playfulness of Harry Pulver’s illustrations and their absolute synergy with the story.

If you’re looking for an educational stocking stuffer this Christmas, please consider buying the first in the Eddie series if you haven’t already done so. Whether you do it via *Eddie the Electron* or another avenue, the earlier you introduce your kids to science, the better for their (and our) futures. As Harry wrote in his accompanying correspondence: “Using whimsy and humor to teach about atomic structure and behavior, these books have been very popular in schools and home. Never trust Uranium …”

There are 3 options for purchasing the book:

Local (NC) friends can purchase the book at The Regulator Bookshop in Durham and at the Morehead Planetarium gift shop in Chapel Hill. For my Piedmont (VA) friends, you can purchase the book at the Virginia Museum of Natural History (Martinsville), the Danville Science Center or Brewed Awakening cafe (across the street from the DSC).

Otherwise, you can purchase the book HERE

If you’d like a signed copy, you can purchase the book from me directly (payment via Paypal or mailed check) by following the instructions HERE.

Thanks for caring and sharing 🙂

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