Melissa Rooney Blogging

Melissa Rooney Blogging

"There is more to life than increasing its speed." – Mahatma Gandhi

City of Durham Avoids Municipal Stormwater Responsibilities while Inhibiting Affordable and Sustainable Private Solutions

I have written this article to demonstrate the City of Durham’s irrational and uncooperative approach to drainage issues like the one I am dealing with at 613 Canal Street – note that this is a separate drainage issue from the flooding occurring at neighboring 611 Canal Street (the subject of my last Stormwater blog post)…. (read more)

WWIII: Whose Side Are We On?

Russian interference in favor of Donald Trump in the 2016 elections has been confirmed, apparently motivated by Russia’s desire to invalidate American sanctions and human-rights protections. Despite denials of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, a few weeks ago the Trump White House made clear that it would not impose Congress-mandated sanctions against Russia… (read more)

Teaching Physics to First and Second Graders: Sound waves

Pic from MBR Sound Workshop

This post is particularly applicable to teachers, parents, and caretakers of second-grade children, as the links below address science standards required for 2nd-grade ( We must delve deeper with our vocabulary when discussing scientific subjects with children, particularly public-school students from lower-income families, who have few extracurricular educational opportunities. No matter their backgrounds or how old… (read more)

Water Problem solved on historically low-income Canal Street (Durham, NC) – For Now

On Friday, January 12, I received a text message from my next-door neighbor on Canal Street that read: “… Your property is beside my property the drainage on your property is causing flooding on my property the water is severe now and it’s costing me to have to rent a sump pump to get the… (read more)

Society Supports Sexual Harassment: Admission is First Step to Recovery

      A couple nights ago (December 4), during a Tribeca Institute 20th anniversary panel and screening of the 1997 film Wag the Dog,  Last Week Tonight host John Oliver and Dustin Hoffman had a heated discussion about the sexual harassment allegations against Hoffman. Here’s the story on NBC. I have to say, I empathize… (read more)

Health Insurance Hostage

  I recently posted the following on my personal and author facebook pages: HEALTH INSURANCE HOSTAGE Cut and paste or share if your or your spouse’s primary reason for staying in your current job is because of the health insurance coverage your company provides. Healthcare should not depend on where you work. The resulting discussion… (read more)

Children, Music, and Vegetables…

Last month, my 13YO son and his good friend performed guitar and sang at the Centerfest Arts Festival (held by the Durham Arts Council in Durham, NC), just a 3-minute drive from where we live. I’ve uploaded a compilation of their performance at the following link, proud mom that I am: You can feel… (read more)

Hindsight Premonition: The Death of Kenny Batts

  Kenneth Wayne Batts, RIP, 8 Sep 2017 It’s eerie, the hindsight premonition that often follows a death, even a very sudden one. When I heard our friend’s ex-father-in-law Warren’s voice message around 9:30 last Friday night, I immediately thought something was wrong with Kenny. Then I checked my cell phone and saw that Kenny… (read more)