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Melissa Rooney Blogging

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City of Durham Avoids Municipal Stormwater Responsibilities while Inhibiting Affordable and Sustainable Private Solutions

I have written this article to demonstrate the City of Durham’s irrational and uncooperative approach to drainage issues like the one I am dealing with at 613 Canal Street – note that this is a separate drainage issue from the flooding occurring at neighboring 611 Canal Street (the subject of my last Stormwater blog post)…. (read more)

Water Problem solved on historically low-income Canal Street (Durham, NC) – For Now

On Friday, January 12, I received a text message from my next-door neighbor on Canal Street that read: “… Your property is beside my property the drainage on your property is causing flooding on my property the water is severe now and it’s costing me to have to rent a sump pump to get the… (read more)

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  … where you will find articles pertaining to education, including suggestions for parents, caretakers, and teachers (traditional and home-school) regarding engaging and practical hands-on books, curricula, events, and opportunities. I also write about my experiences with parenting, marriage, writing, and life in general and, sometimes, local (Durham/Raleigh/Chapel-Hill), regional (Southeastern United States), and national issues, concerns and opinions. To read… (read more)