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Teaching Physics to First and Second Graders: Sound waves

Pic from MBR Sound Workshop

This post is particularly applicable to teachers, parents, and caretakers of second-grade children, as the links below address science standards required for 2nd-grade ( We must delve deeper with our vocabulary when discussing scientific subjects with children, particularly public-school students from lower-income families, who have few extracurricular educational opportunities. No matter their backgrounds or how old… (read more)

Children, Music, and Vegetables…

Last month, my 13YO son and his good friend performed guitar and sang at the Centerfest Arts Festival (held by the Durham Arts Council in Durham, NC), just a 3-minute drive from where we live. I’ve uploaded a compilation of their performance at the following link, proud mom that I am: You can feel… (read more)

DPS Having Trouble Finding Substitute Teachers

I sent the email below to Durham Public School board members today. If you live in Durham and agree, please follow suit. . __________ . Dear School Board members, I hope you are all well, and I thank you (sincerely) for your service. Please note these excerpts from Greg Childress’s Herald Sun and Durham News… (read more)

Struggling Schools Benefit from Adding Arts to Learning…!?

This is what is missing in our schools: In most cases, the day they enter first grade (sometimes earlier), public school kids’ creative and experiential education ends, and worksheets and standardized testing begins. Fortunately, this is NOT the case at EK Powe and DSA (both public), where my kids go to school (in Durham,… (read more)

With the lack of public school funding, the need for school districts to facilitate (not just permit) PTA’s is long overdue.

To: Superintendent L’Homme and Durham Public School Board Members Cc: Durham News Editor Mark Schultz Date: February 6, 2017 at 10:38:45 AM EST   “We will need help from families, partner agencies, and communities,” states Durham Public Schools Superintendent Bert L’Homme’s February 5th commentary regarding DPS’s challenges in meeting the educational needs of low-performing students (LHomme_DN_Feb2017). By… (read more)

Advanced Reader’s Copy: *Eddie the Electron Moves Out*

I received my ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of “Eddie The Electron Moves Out” (the sequel to “Eddie The Electron”) today! I got tears in my eyes when I read it – seriously. I can’t get over the incredible quality of every aspect of the book. Harry Pulver’s illustrations are PERFECT. Better than I ever imagined…. (read more)

*Eddie Moves Out*, Picture-Book Sequel to *Eddie the Electron*

Just got a sampling of the illustrations for the sequel to Eddie the Electron (Eddie Moves Out), with a tentative release date of June, 2017. Check ’em out below. I love the playfulness of Harry Pulver’s illustrations and their absolute synergy with the story. If you’re looking for an educational stocking stuffer this Christmas, please… (read more)

Fun Science: Easy Hands-on Chemistry Lesson

  This is a picture of my 6YO son’s back-to-school Magic Crystals, obtained after immersing dolostones in vinegar (with a little orange food coloring) for 5 days . I’ve never made mushroom crystals before, so we were both truly enthralled. Click HERE to get my six-year-old’s take on the experience. Dolostones (which can be purchased… (read more)

Your Village

In organizing children’s events this summer, I’ve talked to several science museum directors and staff, mostly about how to ensure that people actually attend the events. It’s not a matter of young people wanting to be there. It’s a matter of their parents getting them there. Whether they are in preschool or middle school, nine… (read more)

The Danville Science Center – A Unique Experience for Kids of All Ages

I spent last Saturday bonding with young people, pre-school through high-school, via my hands-on children’s book readings at the Danville Science Center (DSC). While driving to Virginia from my home in Durham, NC, I worried that my kids, who accompanied me, would get bored in one place all day and would consequently interfere with my… (read more)