Melissa Rooney Blogging

Melissa Rooney Blogging

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Advanced Reader’s Copy: *Eddie the Electron Moves Out*

I received my ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of “Eddie The Electron Moves Out” (the sequel to “Eddie The Electron”) today!

Eddie the Electron Moves Out: ARC Cover Illustration

I got tears in my eyes when I read it – seriously. I can’t get over the incredible quality of every aspect of the book. Harry Pulver’s illustrations are PERFECT. Better than I ever imagined. It is truly my privilege (and Great Luck!) to be partnered with such an intelligent and gifted artist, and one with such impressive and pertinent credentials. An award-winning Polka rock band? I can’t wait to hear his NPR interview 😉

It is truly a pleasure to ride the Amberjack Publishing​ wave, which is fueled by such discerning yet open minds and hearts.

I really want to get these books in public school classrooms as well as private and home-school environments.

Regardless of any financial benefits to me, I have seen the boring manner in which so many kids are taught science, particularly in low-income public schools. I know Eddie would spark their interest, at least for a short while (which is something).

If we are going to continue functioning rationally and objectively (the only path to a viable future), we MUST find a way to make science and scientific thinking a real part of our young people’s lives.

If you agree, please consider sending a copy of “Eddie the Electron” and/or “Eddie Moves Out” to your child’s teacher or your district’s elementary school superintendent. You can even email me your letter to the teacher/administrator with the pertinent address, and I will send them a free copy directly along with your letter:

Thanks for your help!


Eddie the Electron Moves Out: illustration from the book

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