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Eddie the Electron Moves Out by Melissa B. Rooney

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The Fate of The Frog by Melissa B. Rooney

I Chalk by Melissa B. Rooney



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Stores that carry the book (all of which are worth visiting with your kids):

* The Regulator Bookshop (Durham, NC)
* Brewed Awakening Coffee and Book Shop (Danville, VA)
* Morehead Planetarium (Chapel Hill, NC),
* Virginia Museum of Natural History (Martinsville, VA) 
* Danville Science Center (Danville, VA). 

Unfortunately I haven't been able to get Durham's Museum of Life and Science to even consider letting me do a free workshop/reading, much less carry my book. But cultures do change over time ;-)


Calling All PTA's and Schools
within a 1-hour drive of Durham, NC!

Let me be a part of your school's celebration of Science, Art, Literacy and Life.  It costs nothing but your time (to contact and schedule me).

Earth Day and/or Creek Week:
My schedule permitting, I would love to visit your school during these themes and read my STEM-based children's book, *Fate of a Frog

Science Night/Day/Week:
I'd read *Eddie the Electron* (Amberjack Publishing, 2015): . The sequel, *Eddie Moves Out*, is being released by Amberjack this June 17th: Space and time permitting, I can also bring my electronic snap circuits, so the kids can build simple circuits and see electrons in action.

Seuss/Read Across America Day/Night/Week: As detailed on the back cover, *The Fate of the Frog* is literally a Seuss-based picture book and, like so many of His books, is written in perfect iambic pentameter. In fact, after reading for a local elementary school's Read-Across-America day a few weeks ago, I received the best compliment *ever* (as my 6YO would say), when a second-grader pointed to me in the hall and said excitedly to his friend, "She's a real author and Doctor, just like Dr. Seuss."

Book Fairs: I can also come to Book-Fair-related events during the school day or in the evening, depending on my schedule.

Note: I am happy to visit schools within a one-hour drive from Durham (NC) free of charge, schedule permitting; and I am happy to visit schools (throughout the US (and beyond!) for reasonable reimbursement of travel expenses (airfare or value for miles traveled by car) and accommodation ($0 if staying at a volunteer parent's house the evening of the event.)

For pre-K and Kindergarten classes, I can always read the much shorter, *I Chalk* if you feel this is a better fit. For  reviews, see

If I am available during the time(s) you'd like me to visit, I will be there!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my love of literacy and science with children from all socioeconomic backgrounds.



After logging into your public library account, look for the link to request a book and follow your library's directions.

Thanks for getting these books into the hands of children who will
appreciate their stories (i.e., ALL of them) and garner an appreciation
for the magic of science, as a result.